This year’s End of Financial Year Appeal is about KEEPING DREAMS ALIVE.

To most children and young adults in developed nations, dreams for the future are largely attainable because of the provision of finance, education and health care.  For many Mozambican children and young adults, dreams for the future are unattainable.  Together we can help change this. Together we can help keep dreams alive.   But more than that, together WE CAN HELP DREAMS TO BE FULFILLED

Mission Educate is providing general education for children at the King of Kings School and technical education at the Mission Educate Technical Institute. We encourage our students to follow their dreams  for a better future.  A future free from the chains of manipulation, poverty and hunger. Unfortunately for some,  those dreams are in danger. Covid-19 has had a significant effect on Mission Educate’s ability to provide the technical education that the trainees at our Technical Institute need for employment. 


Our goal in the End of Financial Year Appeal is to raise a minimum of $28,500 to continue the education provided by the Technical Institute. We estimate that we have at least 50 students, female and male who are in danger of dropping out of the course because of financial difficulties. It will cost us $570 to educate each of these students this year. That amounts to just on $50 per month over 12 months. Your contribution of any amount will help them maintain the pursuit of their dream.


Donations can be made as:

  • A one off tax deductible contribution of any amount

  • A regular fortnightly donation for 12 months

  • A regular monthly donation for 12 months.


Stay with us during the appeal and read stories from our Institute trainees as they share their dreams, hopes and challenges. Become a regular supporter or make a one off donation. 


Together, we can make a difference. Together we can be dream makers.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

For those who do not wish to donate online using a credit/debit card, please contact for alternative arrangements.

Thank you for your support.

Messages From Supporters

Julia donated $500 to Keeping Dreams Alive - EOFY Campaign at Thu, May 27, 2021 6:01 AM

Keep doing the great work!

Peter donated $50 to Keeping Dreams Alive - EOFY Campaign at Wed, May 26, 2021 12:50 AM

What a privilege to help someone else's dream! Cheering Richard and Julia on in their pursuit of their dreams.

About Your Donation

Care for our Donors

Mission Educate is committed to ensuring that all fundraising activities are conducted in an ethical manner, consistent with our Vision, Beliefs and Values.  Our aim is to ensure the development of a fiduciary relationship of trust and transparency with all donors and gift recipients.


How Funds will be Apportioned

Our aim is to support 50 trainees with their education.  It costs around $570 per year to provide training in our Construction and Agricultural courses.


Our goal is to raise a minimum of $28,500.  This goal allows us to continue the education of current Technical Institute students who are facing financial difficulty.  Any funds raised above our goal will allow us to significantly increase our impact by providing much needed training resources, materials and wrap-around services.  With a greater surge of donations we would be able to enrol new students who have dreams yet to be fulfilled.


Donations, either as a one off or regular fortnightly or monthly subscription over 12 months, will help those trainees maintain the pursuit of their dream.



In the event that the campaign is oversubscribed, Mission Educate will apportion funds to support our Technical Institute in Mozambique.  Additional funds will be used to provide training resources, training expenses and wrap around services to support students.    In the event of any major oversubscription donation, Mission Educate would seek permission from the donor/s to allocate to a specific project.



In the event that the campaign is undersubscribed, Mission Educate will ensure all the money donated will be used to support education through providing temporary fee relief to the most needy students at the Mission Educate Training Institute.


Giving Terms and Conditions

Please find our Giving Terms and Conditions at

Richard's Dream

Keep Richard's Dream Alive

My name is Richard Zacarias Anacleto, a civil construction student, from Angonia in Tete Province. I have 8 siblings. I am the only one in my family to study. To be able to attain my primary school education I worked as a goat herder, earning a little money to pay for my school supplies as my family could not afford to support my education. I had to stop studying for a few years after I completed Grade 5 as I was then working as a cattle herder and there was no time to study. During this time I also lost my father, which made things even more challenging as I also had to help my mum in the fields. At the time my father had two wives and my mum was actually the second wife. One of the brothers of my father’s other wife came to the house and said he would take one child with him and provide an education for that child. Amazingly, even against his family’s wishes, he took me. That is how I ended up in Beira.

My family struggle to survive. There are days where they do not eat. It puts me in a difficult situation as some months I end up sending money to them rather than pay my institute fees just so I can sleep at night because I worry for them so much.

I have two big dreams. Firstly, I would like to have a construction company where I will be able to employ others and help with their expenses. Secondly I would like to have agriculture fields. Some of my colleagues find it strange that someone in the construction industry dreams so much about having a field. But I tell them, “I have vision.” My goal is to help the Mission Educate Technical Institute. My construction company will give trainees the opportunity to intern and provide jobs to these interns. With the profits obtained in my company, I will be able to invest in agricultural production. The passion to cultivate still exists as the son of subsistence farmers, although my main focus is civil construction. Through agriculture I will be able to give future agronomists an internship opportunity.

I have learnt so much through my course. Thank you Mission Educate.

Julia's Dream

Keep Julia's Dream Alive

My name is Julia, I am 23 years old and am studying Civil Construction at the Mission Educate Technical Institute.  My original plan was to be a teacher, however I didn’t manage to get into that course. My aunt let me know about Mission Educate and I applied for the Civil Construction course. To begin with I wasn’t so sure about it, but through the training and the career guidance we have received I really started to love the course. Thanks so much Mission Educate.

For some reason my parents have never financially supported me or my siblings. We have had to do it all ourselves. When I first enrolled I really didn’t know how I would pay my fees, but I saw it as a challenge and asked God to help me. I am thankful for the support of Mission Educate to get me through my training. The training has been great. I have had so many new experiences and have done things I never would have considered doing. The trainers have taught us so well.

I love to seize whatever opportunities come my way. After I finish my course I want to continue to study and complete a university degree.  It is my dream to graduate from university and then be able to help my siblings. 

If it wasn’t for Mission Educate I don’t know what I would be doing right now. I would probably be at my parents house caring for my siblings or struggling to get into training. I am single and don’t want to become a mum until I am financially and psychologically prepared for it. I have so many plans and goals that I intend to achieve, and day by day I fight to overcome each challenge I face.

Fernando's Dream

Keep Fernando's Dream Alive

It all started when my parents passed away. I was at a total loss because my extended family rejected me. This was in the year 2000 when I was just 5 years old.  Life for me consisted of begging for food and washing people’s clothes at their house in the Munhava neighbourhood, a high density community in Beira. I did not go to school.

One day I met a family who wanted someone to sell samosas on the street. So I started selling for them. In 2009 they enrolled me in a literacy class at a church and this is where I started learning. I continued learning and eventually completed Year 10. In 2015 I lost the person who was paying for my education. This was extremely sad for me as I wanted to continue studying.

At the beginning of December 2017, the Mission Educate Technical Institute team passed by in my neighbourhood with pamphlets about courses they were going to offer. I liked the sound of the Agriculture Course, so I registered for the entrance exam. Unfortunately I didn't get the grades to enrol in the Agriculture Course, but I was offered a place in the Civil Construction Course.

Since I joined the Mission Educate Institute in 2018, my spiritual and emotional life has completely changed. Today I know how to do a lot of things. I haven't finished the Course yet but I am already known in the local job market with what I’ve learned through Mission Educate. 

My success today is seen by many people. Even family members who rejected me when I was a young boy now call me. If it wasn’t for Mission Educate, I don't know what my life would be like today.

Thank you very much Mission Educate, for opening my mind, my emotions, my psyche, and unlocking my professional abilities. I no longer walk the streets selling samosas. I am now a professional, with so many opportunities.

Angelica's Dream

Keep Angelica's Dream Alive
My name is Angelica and I am 30 years old. I am married with 4 children, two girls and two boys, aged 14, 12, 10 and 6 years old. All of them are studying at primary school.  It is not easy to be a mother and study at the same time, but with the support of my husband I am doing well at the Institute.

It was always my great dream to study agriculture. I tried several times to get into an Institution in another province but never was successful.  In 2018, I heard an advert for the Mission Educate Technical Institute on the radio. I was really happy because it was an opportunity to study in Beira near where I live with my husband and children.

As the daughter of a peasant, farming was always my passion. I discussed the opportunity with my husband. We paid the entrance fee, I did the exam and was accepted. All those who didn't believe in me when I started are today the ones who are talking of my success in the community.

Since March when classes were suspended I opened my production area at home where I am showing the other married women that we are able to do something different in the community. I am sharing what I produce with my neighbours. I am motivating married women that our success can be found in training. Thank you very much Mission Educate for the career guidance and professional opportunities. I am on the pathway to my success as a professional.

Today I see that we cannot just wait for a formal job to come up, but we can start our own projects where we are.


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